About us

The Vazrazdane art gallery, a member of the National community centre “Vazrazdane” has been established in 5.IX.1995 by the idea of the community centre’s secretary Dimitar Atanasov, a writer and journalist. The team Krassi Aleksieva and Simeon (Sim) Aleksiev run the art gallery.

Since its third year it is specialized on theme “The BODY”, as about 70 percents of the exhibitions correspond more or less to the theme. It is presented only the contemporary pictorial and plastic art. Pronounced artists are invited as well as quite young and unknown ones. Realistic, super-new, photorealistic, symbolic and surrealistic, naive, primitive and etc. paintings thoroughly exhibited. There is a run on authors, creating modern figurative art, especially depicting the body.


The graphic artists are appreciated. There are a lot of exhibitions with graphic works, drawings and illustrations. The art gallery exerts a lot of work and efforts in publishing of catalogues and albums that will be a useful source of knowledge for the future generations interested in our fine art nowadays. By September 2016 we published 28 editions.

In the gallery depot there is, maintained a rare and diverse collection of oil paintings, graphic works and drawings, sculptures. The collection on theme “The BODY” is especially stunning.

Since 2001 the art gallery gives “Media” prize for art-journalism – a diploma, made by assoc. prof. Vladimir Genadiev and also a picture from artist, who works with gallery. Since 2015 the prize has already been specially created graphics by  Genadiev.

In 2010. Krassimira and Sim Alexiev are curators of the National Autumn Exhibitions – Plovdiv, project “The Body”, after winning a local competition. Exhibited are 20 exhibitions on the topic in 5 houses in Old Town of Plovdiv.

Since 2005 the art gallery gives prize “Silver Vazrazdane” for attainment in contemporary pictorial and plastic art. The prize is a sculpture made by prof. Georgy Chapkanov – Chapp. The winner to this moment are: Georgy Yorganov (2008), Dimitar Voinov – junior (2005), Dimitar Lalev (2005), Dimitar Rashkov (2005), prof. Emil Popov (2005), Matey Mateev (2007), prof. Nikolai Maistorov (2005), assoc. prof. Vladimir Genadiev (2005), Ognian Nedkov (2012), Dimitar Manolov (2012), Svetla Koseva (2015), Ivan Milushev (2015) and Georgi Chapkanov has a prize about total creation work – a special sculpture made by Dimitar Rashkov.

In 2006, at the Night of museums and galleries, the gallery was awarded first prize – the sculpture “Flight above Plovdiv,” founded by KCM Plovdiv for number one gallery.


In 2010, the Vazrazhdane Gallery was awarded a gold badge “Golden Book” and a special certificate of honorary status for an institution of high prestige and social recognition in the field of culture. The award is given by the Council of Europe’s scientific and cultural community – official representation in Sofia.

Interesting facts about Vazrazdane gallery:

  • In period September 1995- September 2016 are opened  470 exhibitions, 20 in every year. 
  • 12 600 piece of art have been shown.
  • Visitors to this moment – more than 125 000.
  • The forty painters have debuted in the gallery.
  • Over 116 artists are showed for the first time in Plovdiv.